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Established in 2011 - The Villa Underground is an independent Aston Villa social-blog & website. Featuring pre-match discussion, post match reaction, opinion, satire, podcast, news & social media comment on all matters affecting AVFC.


avatar for Korben O'BrienKorben O'Brien

Korben follows Villa to all home and away games. Currently at college, he has been a contributor to The Villa Underground since January 2019.

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avatar for Sarah PerrySarah Perry

Lifelong Villa fan & Journalism Graduate, Sarah has contributed since February 2019.

avatar for Joseph MullaneJoseph Mullane

Season ticket holder in the Holte End Upper since 2006 & graduate with an interest in freelance journalism, Joseph's contributed since February 2019.

avatar for Chris BuddChris Budd

Holte End Upper season ticket holder, DJ & regular on the MOMS Podcast - Chris contributes Match Ratings.

avatar for Matt FrankishMatt Frankish

Matt is a K4 season ticket holder based in Solihull. Matt has contributed to The Villa Underground since March 2019.

avatar for Max WilkinsMax Wilkins

Max's passions are football & the Villa. You can find him on Twitter & Insta @m_wilkins7 - Max has contributed since May 2019.

avatar for JamesJames

A lifelong Villa fan & season ticket holder from The Holte End. James has contributed away day content since 2011.

avatar for Adam HoltAdam Holt

Life-long fan of Aston Villa. Currently studying Sports Journalism at University. Adam has written for The Villa Underground since August 2020.

avatar for Phil ShawPhil Shaw

Disgruntled gamer. Villa fan. Useless footballer. Belfast based Phil has contributed since August 2020.

avatar for Andreas Meier EideAndreas Meier Eide

Oslo based Andreas has provided an overseas perspective of following Aston Villa since August 2020.

avatar for Sam MitchellSam Mitchell

A thirty-something out of town Villa fan, Sam has contributed to the Villa Underground since April 2021.

avatar for Stephane BarbeauStephane Barbeau

Lifelong Villa fan, Anglophile and journalism alumni of the Franklin University Switzerland. Stéphane lives and breathes transfer news and remains a staunch Philippe Senderos fanboy.

avatar for Cameron SinclairCameron Sinclair

A Villa supporter without a chance of parole, Cameron is a freelance contributor to The Villa Underground since 2022.

avatar for Stefan CapperStefan Capper

Hooked on Villa since a childhood Villa Park tour in the early 1990's, Stefan is a self-confessed fanatical Dutch-based supporter. He knows his Vlaar from his VAR.

avatar for Charlie PCharlie P

A fan of Villa and women's football before it was fashionable, Charlie has contributed to The Villa Underground since November 2022.


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