Away fans guide to Villa Park; Directions, Pubs, Seating & Parking.

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Are you visiting Villa Park as an away fan?

Updated December 2021: This page contains all of the information you need as visiting supporter.

If there is anything not covered or you have any questions, please get in touch ( or send a DM via Twitter.

Where do away fans sit at Villa Park?

visiting supporters in north stand cup tie

(c) Villa Underground – ‘Wycombe Wanderers At Villa Park’.

Traditionally away fans were seated in the Lower North stand (pictured above) but in more recent years have been housed in a two tiered section of the Doug Ellis stand.  This move, whilst not changing your vantage point hugely, does give you marginally improved facilities over the more dated North Stand.

Villa Park is a modern, but traditional stadium with a great atmosphere.  The stadium has a capacity of 42,000, backed by a 30,000 season ticket holders, a number restricted by the club.  Villa currently has a waiting list in excess of 20,000 for season tickets, underlying the strength of support for one of the games founder members.

League Fixtures

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Expect to find yourself housed in the Doug Ellis stand on Witton Lane.

You will have Villa fans to your right, many of whom opted to take up cheaper season tickets and who want to get closer to away fans for a little extra atmosphere.  To your left you will be segregated from Villa fans in both upper and lower tiers.

Note that this part of the ground is two tiers and you will be unable to move between concourses.  You will be on the North-East section of the ground, with a maximum allocation of 3100 seats.

The Doug Ellis (more commonly known to Villa fans as The Witton Lane Stand) is a notoriously narrow owing to it’s close promximity to the road behind.  Last over-hauled in 1993, it’s beginning to show it’s age when compared to modern stadia.  However, it does boast impressive unrestricted views of the pitch.

The concourse is particularly narrow in the upper tier and can be a pinch point at half-time.


Away End – The North Stand

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Due to the need to provide visiting teams a greater capacity it’s more common that you will have the entire North Stand (Upper & Lower).  If there is additional demand, clubs have taken a full allocation to include the Doug Ellis tiers mentioned above.

Whilst Villa Park is a generally modern stadium, the North Stand (built in 1977) is now the oldest section of the ground and has facilities which unfortunately reflect this.  It is widely anticipated that this portion will be subject to major redevelopment 2023+

However, whilst the amenities and (recently refreshed) exterior impression leave a great deal to be desired, the views are unrestricted and offer great vantage points of the pitch.  The centre upper North Stand seating has particularly good viewing, if a choice is to be had.

Villa supporters ordinarily resident in the North Stand for league games are relocated as Cup games dictate.


Away End – Doug Ellis Stand:

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Whilst a simple seating plan, as an away fan you will be split over 2 tiers if your club has taken their full allocation (3100).

The upper tier has a 64 step stair climb.  Something that’s worth keeping in mind.  The lower concourse is a larger open space, but the upper is a more cramped affair.  All seats have plenty of leg room and decent, unrestricted views.

The lower tier offers good atmosphere with vocal Villa fans who sit in the Lower North Stand in close proximity.  These home supporters mostly moved from areas within The Holte End, taking advantage of lower ticket prices and the prospect of better “banter“.

If you are late, Villa keep 2 turnstiles open for away fans (1 for upper/lower tier).  You will be able to get in until around half time.

Safe Standing

Although Villa were a prominent voice when safe standing was being debated, the club are still “weighing up” whether to do so.  Villa are therefore not part of a trial expected to take place in 2022 at a number of Premier League stadiums.  As such, there is currently no safe standing at Villa Park as of November 2021.

Beer: Beware!

If expecting a beer in the ground, we’ve heard that you can sometimes only do so if you are in the lower tier of the Doug Ellis.  If you find yourself in the upper concourse, be aware that you will be unable to wander to the lower level.

Due to a handful of visiting numpties, there are now a good number of games where alcohol isn’t served at all due to previous incidents of trouble.  These licensing restrictions tend to be applied for local derbies and where conduct of previous visiting clubs has been an issue.  You may need to do your homework on this – speak to your fan liaison or an officer attached to your travelling contingent.

This ban generally extends to all local sides (Birmingham City, WBA, Wolves), but also to an increasing number of returning clubs as well.

Drinks [when available] in the ground are priced at about £4.50+ for a (plastic) bottle of Heineken (inc. draught), Amstel (draught), Cider & Purity Pale Ale (Villa crest branded bottles & draught).  The usual soft drinks are available, but are subject to the very annoying act of having their lids being removed…

As with most football grounds, the food & drink is overall priced on the high side, with quality/variety leaving a lot to be desired.  However, the club was rated 1st for affordability and food in 2021.  Scepticism aside, the range and offer of food and drink has been developed significantly in recent seasons.  This includes periodic pop-ups from the highly acclaimed Digbeth Dining Club vendors and independent street food options.  These are to be easily found on the North Stand car park.

Mind you, I like the Balti pies…(£4.10)

It’s best to find a decent away friendly pub near Villa Park instead.

Aston Villa Away Friendly Fan Pubs:

Formerly known as the Cap ‘n’ Gown, The Witton Arms is a dedicated away friendly pub within walking distance of the away turnstiles.

Whilst traditionally it was known to segregate both sets of fans, it is now considered an away pub only.


On arrival at Villa Park, facing the away turnstiles, face right and walk away from the ground for around 2 minutes.

You will reach a small roundabout, where you will see The Aston Hotel.

The pub is on your right.  You absolutely cannot miss it.  If you do, you’re already too drunk.

Entry fee £2  – This guarantees you access to a massive venue which has a reputation for not only serving quickly but also has numerous big screens, TV’s and facilities to handle large numbers.

There are other options, but few that will cater nearby for so many away fans in one setting (800).

Alternative away pubs near Villa Park

‘The Harriers’ (54 Davey Road, B20 3DR)

‘The Bartons Arms’ (144 High Street, B6 4UP),


An alternative to ‘The Witton Arms’ is the ‘The Bartons Arms’ which comes recommended for Thai food as well as CAMRA beer.  A solid 4.5 on Tripadvisor at the time of writing.

‘Yew Tree’ (B6 7AS)

‘Ruskin Hall Social Club’ (B6 5HP)

If arriving into Birmingham city centre via New Street train station (now known as “Grand Central”);

There are two large Wetherspoons pubs nearby.  Closest is The Briar Rose but you’ll also find ‘The Square Peg’ nearby:

‘The Shakepeare’ Victorian pub is within very close proximity to the station exit:

Looking for something a little different?  Why not try the subterranean Bacchus Bar.  Highly recommended underground bar and restaurant if you’re looking for a hideaway as a small discreet group.

Also within walking distance of New Street Station is The Old Joint Stock.  Here you’ll find a great selection of beers and a bar full of character.  This area is circled by bars and eateries.

If your game should coincide with the festive season, you’ll also have access to the Frankfurt Christmas Market.  I’ve yet to find anyone who buys from their tat stalls, but if steins of beer and footlong bratwurst are your thing, you should stop by.  The market runs from early November until 23rd December annually.

Local Knowledge

It has been known that upon arriving at Villa Park by coach you will be encouraged by the local peace keepers to enter the ground where you can get “a drink”.

Depending on the tier and licensing decision for the fixture you could be out of luck.  The chances are increasingly that you will not be able to get a beer in the ground.

It’s therefore a good idea to take a wander down the road for refreshments. See above for suggestions.

There is a large Tesco on Aston Lane, as well as numerous off-licenses and takeaway, all on the away end of the stadium.

Flags & Banners

Whilst the club has a policy of not permitting flags or banners being tied or draped, this doesn’t appear consistently enforced.

It’s not uncommon to see flags draped between the tiers or empty seats within the Doug Ellis stand for league games.

For Cup Games (where visiting fans have been moved for a larger allocation), the North Stand has two tiers of executive boxes directly below.  The likelihood is that flags will be removed if obscuring the view below.

In fixtures where netting has been used in the North Stand, the club seems to turn a blind eye to banners being draped across them (as pictured at the top of this page against Wycombe Wanderers).

Villa have netted off the first few rows of the Upper North Stand on occasion, which allows for flags to be draped or tied to the empty blocks.

Villa Park does have a history of removing banners where an anti-club or political message has been displayed.

The latest stance on banners/flags is available via the FSF website and states:

“For away supporters, we are happy to try and help the displaying of your flag and/or banner at Villa Park within the away area at Villa Park. Please email a photograph of your flag and/or banner to at least three days prior to your visit. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any flag or banner. Please get in touch in advance so we can confirm arrangements and avoid disappointing you on the day of the match.”

Brigada 1874

Aston Villa Away Ticket Prices

There is some variation in ticket prices for away fans at Villa Park.  However, some fixtures are included in a scheme whereby both clubs subsidise the costs reciprocally.

Ticket prices at face value range between £20 – £45 (excluding concessions).

Alternatively you can take  a risk on matchday and visit the official ticket office based behind the North Stand (next to The Villa Village) where any remaining away tickets may be on general sale.

Obviously, if an away fan you risk ejection/refused entry if using this option to sit in the home end unless attending as a neutral.  Purchase of match tickets is available online via the clubs website and requires a digital membership (free).  Tickets purchased online can be scanned at the turnstile via a QR code or printed.

Aston Villa away fans guide

Car Parking

Check out this handy guide.

Directions to Villa Park

Note there are restrictions in and around Villa Park on matchdays.

The ground lies amongst dense residential housing and access/parking in nearby side-streets is limited but clearly marked with the following large signs:

Parking Restrictions Villa Park Aston Villa

Cars parked in these areas without residents permits are easy picking for traffic wardens, so it’s really not worth the gamble.

Villa Park (Aston Villa) Address:

Sat Nav:

Aston Villa,

Villa Park,

Trinity Rd,


B6 6HE


Public Transport

Train: You can arrive at Villa Park to either Witton or Aston stations, often having connected via Birmingham New Street.  There are very mixed experiences of what is a service that struggles to adequately meet the needs of moving capacity crowds.  Increasingly supporters opt to walk 30-40 minutes into the city centre, rather than wait in substantial queues.

Bus: Current bus routes including specials can be found here.

Tram: The Midland Metro does not currently connect to Villa Park.

Underground: There is no underground or subway system in Birmingham!

Taxi: You can use popular ride hailing apps.  It’s best to let the crowds die down and walk outside of the immediate congestion around the ground before doing so.  Note there is an exclusion zone around the ground on matchdays and the immediate exit points outside of this can become gridlocked as car-parks and supporters leave en masse.

Away Disabled Access, Seating & Facilities:

Away supporters with wheelchairs cannot currently be “accommodated” within the away area at Villa Park.

Fans requiring wheelchair access view the game via the Trinity Road stand, the most modern section of Villa Park.

View of Aston Villa Trinity Road Stand Upper

Full details of Aston Villa’s provision for disabled supporters (home and away) can be found via this dedicated page on the official site.

If a supporter requires a Personal Assistant (PA or Support Worker) to aid them in attending the match, they are granted free entry.  This is subject to eligibility criteria.

Level Playing Field promotes good access to grounds for all fans.  It is also an excellent resource for football accessibility information and news in general.

A detailed independent overview of Villa Park’s current accessibility for disabled fans is available here.  This also contains first hand  supporter experiences of access, treatment & accessibility from a visiting fan perspective.

Covid-19 Impact

If you are an overseas supporter, either home or away, we have updated information on what you need to know and do following changes to UK government guidance.

You can refer to this information to learn about any Covid travel requirements in place and how Villa Park manages capacity/venue restrictions as government rules dictate.  Click here to read the article.

Anything missing?

If you want to know anything about your visit to Villa Park that isn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch in the comments below or via Twitter.

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  1. I’d like to go to the villa v Brighton game on 7/5/17. I’ve found tickets on seatwave that are in the Doug Ellis stand but I need to make sure they are away tickets? Would these be?

    Doug Ellis Stand

    Between 183 and 208
    Your seats will be together
    Select number of tickets

    It also says that tickets are for home supporters only as below. Help!

    In addition to our standard terms and conditions the following applies to any Aston Villa ticket purchased through Seatwave – All tickets purchased through Seatwave for Aston Villa FC matches are for use strictly by HOME FANS ONLY. Aston Villa retain the right to refuse to sanction any sale should they suspect the purchaser to be an away supporter and will share data with other premier league clubs in order to verify all transaction.

    1. Hi Glen – Block P4 is in the home section unfortunately. As you’re actively searching, you can refer to Villa Parks current seating plan here. I understand that the away allocation is completely sold out for this fixture (unsurprisingly) – there’s currently no suggestion that the allocation will be increased either.

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