A week in the life of Aston Villa, is never dull. #avfc

You might be forgiven for thinking that I’m restricted to 140 characters these days, indeed, I imagine you’re thankful that it’s largely the case.

The truth is, like many, I had become utterly lost for words at our demise as a football club.  I could wax lyrical about our past glories as much as the next Villa fan, but the truth was, and is, that it has been a long time since we stamped our mark in the competitions we broadly founded.

And so, in the spirit of Twitter, I want to keep this post as brief as possible.  The sacking of Lambert was an absolute must.  We will never know the full ins and outs, but his tenure is as bad as many can recall or would ever wish to see.  I lost count of the times I went to a match expecting nothing and ended up walking away with even less.  

The appointment of Sherwood is refreshing.  Refreshing in that he is a wildcard pick.  He is unpredictable.  He is outspoken.  Whilst not arriving with the pedigree of a heavy-weight appointment, Sherwood has brought a self confidence that has been absent for many, many years.  I can’t recall the last time a Villa manager talked us up, Sherwood was immediately positive about our chances and our team.  Undoubtedly he is mindful of this, but it’s immediately a better vibe coming from a central figure at the club.

The reality is that we now have a massive run of fixtures.  Potentially a club defining few months that could shape a decade and more into the future.  The FA Cup run is fantastic, the looming derby with WBA even better.  However, I feel we must re-assert ourselves in the game.  Slipping into the Championship cannot form part of any plan, either to rejuvenate our great club (or) make us more appetising to a potential purchaser.  

This weekend see’s us face up against a Stoke team whom I consider to be very indifferent.  It’s a massive test for Sherwood to instill whatever resolve he can in just a few days.  A win, is essential, for the club, Sherwood & to make an immediate statement to those within the dogfight.