A fortunate point at home to Brentford, goalkeeper MOTM & Villa’s stuttering start to the season.

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It feels like de-ja-vu writing this blog at times.

Indeed, supporting Villa in recent years has been a recurring nightmare, occasionally punctuated by brief moments of excitement or hope.


A fortunate draw at home to Brentford does little to inspire confidence however.

Whilst we’ve pondered the puzzle of Villa’s inability to kick on despite decent recruitment, our frequent failure to even look capable of winning a game of football is frightening.

We rarely even seem to “have a go” either.  The Brentford game was yet another 90 minutes where you were left astounded at how stagnant the playing side of the club remains.

All despite the investment, countless new faces, promises and endless PR churn from the the club.

Steve Bruce is also a manager now firmly under the microscope for many.  It’s justified, but it’s not a good place for any manager to be.

This blog doesn’t advocate knee-jerk change, but does recognise the frustrations of watching Villa.

We should be more organised, fitter and have a plan by now.  It’s inexcusable and defies logic that the significant improvements in playing staff haven’t yielded anything like a turnaround.

Bruce is also walking a tightrope when it comes to media comments.  After revealing that the online criticism [which he labelled entirely as “trolls] got to him prior to wins over Norwich & Wigan, Bruce’s post match view after Brentford was the players was “jaded”.

Jaded? After 6 fixtures and an international break?  It’s unnerving when the manager starts to say silly things.

Further, Bruce even referred to the game as the “worst” since he took over 9 months ago.  A damning self-reflection, especially when there have certainly been worse results during his tenure.


Once again Villa looked bereft of creativity, flair & verve.

This is inexplicable given the array of options whom should be delivering this on the pitch.  The cause of this remains a mystery.

Stifling tactics? Lack of individual ingenuity?  A curse over our once competitive football club?

And this was also another game where the Villa goalkeeper was named Man Of The Match – at least the third time it’s occurred in what is a short-lived season.

Brentford, with no wins to their name this term, left Villa Park disappointed with having only secured a point.  Indeed, in a season in which they appear set to struggle, they may yet rue missed chances and Sam Johnstone’s display at Villa Park.

Meanwhile, we have some serious soul searching to do.

Bruce continue’s to baffle with a sterile brand of football and is in the unenviable position of lurching from one game to another needing to show improvement.

Owner Tony Xia remains an unpredictable character, but one who took decisive action when Roberto Di Matteo drifted from the blueprint for promotion.

Bruce probably has until the 10-12th game mark to demonstrate that a trajectory towards either the playoffs is in motion at the least.

Whatever you think of the manager, a sacking is ultimately the least desirable outcome.  What it might bring in desired change [for some], it will deliver uncertainty in equal measure.  The way last season panned out is recent evidence of this alone.

Middlesbrough are the visitors to Villa Park this Tuesday night.  A tricky, suddenly important game which Bruce needs to win to keep the wolves from the door, and more importantly, commence a push up the table.

2 thoughts on “A fortunate point at home to Brentford, goalkeeper MOTM & Villa’s stuttering start to the season.

  1. I actually just posted these comments in the Birmingham on line evening mail… What happened to the much ‘touted’ “we need to average more than 2 goals per game to gain automatic promotion from the Villa’s hierarchy”?

    Its already becoming patiently obvious is it not to myself and fellow villans that is not even close to being achieved, we are already 6 games ‘down the pike’ and 5 goals off that much touted pace, and to top it all the head coach claims that we have been ‘average’ so far.

    He is absolutely 100 % wrong! The claret and blues are not even close to being that good! Villa have just the 1 single digit league win from 6 games, our away form is absolutely pathetic with just 2 goals scored and 6 conceded. (1 point from 9) our home form is not much better (5 points from 9) we are 14th in home form and 20th on our away form. That is absolutely not a true definition of ‘average’ which would be a net aggregate of 12th in the table, we are in the ‘real world and that reality dictates that we are 18th …

    Starting on Tuesday Evening with the Middlesbrough game the Aston Villa Football Club need to start performing big time, scoring goals and winning more games than they lose or the chairman will I am almost certain start performing some major changes of his own….

    Concerned and sleepless in Seattle.
    Seattle Villain..

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