Aston Villa: Football’s ‘Game of Thrones’.

Winter has been coming.  Coming for a long time.  It has been a worsening creep upon the horizon, edging closer year on year.  

The warning signs have been visible for all to see but they have never been heeded.

It culminated in a disastrous campaign and relegation;

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It’s not clear whether Aston Villa will ultimately win this struggle.  On last seasons displays alone, there are question marks as to whether it is even capable of competing.  It is broken, leaderless and the battle hasn’t even been fought.

If only we had had a dwarf such as Tyrian Lanister to steer us through the nightmare.  Wisdom, innovation and good fortune would have served us well.  Instead, we got Barry Bannan.

Randy Lerner (Hodor) arrived with great fanfare, buying out then owner Doug Ellis (Tywin Lannister).  The American always seemed pre-occupied with the irrelevant.  A mosaic adorning a stand.  The restoration of a public house.  Simple gestures that missed the point.

This strange and hard to interpret individual did, however, have one final important task.  Stopping hell walking through the doors at Villa Park

Only time will tell if he succeeded. 

Lerner’s reign of course spanned a decade.

Paul Faulkner was a man out of his depth (Samwell Tarly).  Tom Fox (Cersei Lannister) thought that matters were all about him.  When all was lost, the single minded ruthlessness of Steve Hollis (Ramsay Bolton) was drafted it.  He swiftly terminated Fox, Garde & Almstadt (Petyr Baelish).  

Only the elusive figure Paddy Reilly (Melisandre) remains.  Perhaps he will heed the warning signs and leave by his own accord.

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Then there were the managers;

Martin O’Neill (Robb Stark) overspent, under-achieved and got found out.  

Gerard Houllier (Ygritte) showed promise but time was called prematurely on health grounds. 

Alex McLeish (Viserys Targarayen) was impossible to like.

Paul Lambert (Reek) promised much but was a self inflicted disaster who’s since gone on to further suffering.  A lifetime of such beckons.

Tim Sherwood (Stannis Baratheon) was a saviour & winner in only his own mind.  

Remi Garde (Eddard Stark), for all his likeability, was never going to survive this sorry episode.

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The time is now or never for Aston Villa.

Battered, bruised and betrayed by those entrusted to protect it.  Does the club, ownership and incoming manager have the ability to come back to life? (Jon Snow)

Is Tony Xia really to be our Khaleesi?

Watch Aston Villa fan & Game of Thrones star David Bradley (Walder Fray) celebrating 140 years of the club in 2015:

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