Aston Villa Injury Update: Alan Hutton injury played down amidst fake news furore.

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Anyone would’ve thought that Alan Hutton’s career was irrefutably confirmed as being over.

That is judging by the wild speculation following his enforced withdrawal after a few minutes against Stoke last weekend:

Cue a cut-and-paste job mostly of speculative tweets from nobody with the first clue about Hutton’s prognosis.

Then there’s the increasingly dubious stories that Googles algorithm’s inexplicably give time to.

One of the least reliable sources of Villa related news remains HITC:


This story was miraculously deleted with the news today that the former Scottish internationals injury isn’t as bad as they’d originally reported:

To the outright….bizarre….on social media (of course):


Hutton has undergone tests over the last two days to determine the extent of any injury.

It is not as bad as feared in the “worst case” quotes attributed to Dean Smith immediately after the game against Stoke.  Note, this was prior to any specialist medical assessment having been undertaken.

Villa’s official site carries an update on Hutton’s knee, informing us that:

  • No ligament rupture; simply overstretched.
  • A recovery window of possibly “weeks not months”.
  • May feature against this season.

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