Disaster: The One Where The Club Owner Shares A Picture Of His D!ck Online.


Context.  It’s important.

This truly is an edition of the Podcast where you’ll learn about the football chairman who managed to inadvertently share a picture of his penis to social media.

We’ve all been there…right?

If that isn’t enough for you, there’s the chance to win a VIP experience & hospitality to the Villa / Middlesbrough game.  Full details of how to enter are in Episode 63.

If the excitement of Villa capitulating against Brentford wasn’t enough, we cover everything new in the VillaVerse and football more broadly.

  • ‘That’ Tyrone Mings ‘stamp’.
  • Consider the Dean Smith transfer window.
  • Risk & Reward in football..
  • The Emiliano Sala plane crash tragedy.
  • ‘Monaco Syndrome’: Thierry Henry’s spell in Monaco is a disaster.
  • Big Al’s ‘dick pic’ mistake….#FACEPALM
  • Reflection on recent games, including the mad 3-3 Sheffield Utd comeback.
  • Is promotion possible?
  • Competition:  VIP tickets & hospitality to the Villa v Bora game.
  • Feature: Where Were You When We Were Good?

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