Exclusive: 12 Villa Things You Probably Haven’t Seen Or Knew Existed.

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This might have passed you by?  Perhaps you’ve yet to even dip into the world of Podcasts!?

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Things you might be missing…

  1. Twitter With Tony – Tony Xia is increasingly infamous for his use of social media – but we bet you didn’t know also he has a strong Yorkshire accent?  Tune in to find out more…
  2. Balanced Debate – Want to hear reasoned, thoughtful fan discussion?  Look no further.  We don’t profess to have all the answers – but we’ll always try to find the solutions – and always the funny side of following Aston Villa.
  3. Question Time – Want to have your say and input into the show?  We regularly feature listener views, questions and discussion points on the show – simply use the hashtag #MOMSQT on Twitter or contact us directly on Twitter @AstonVillaPod
  4. Randy ‘Voice of Your God’ Lerner – Did you know that Villa will owe former owner £30m big bucks when (if?) we get promoted.  You’ll periodically hear updates from Randy, as he chart’s his chances of seeing his money again…
  5. Jedinak’s Jungle – The plains of Aston are wild and unforgiving!  The Pride has a ruthless, pommy loathing leader, who often offers up his views on the current state of the pack in B6.
  6. Negatron – A homage to the uber negative folk who constantly see the doom and gloom in everything from the terraces.  Negatron is always lurking in the shadows to bring you crashing back down to earth!
  7. Live Coverage – Stuck in a studio?  No way!  This is a living, breathing podcast!  The show is recorded at a variety of places!  We’re often found on location in pubs, Villa Park and even an igloo!
  8. Exclusive Insider Information – With direct access to Villa’s official Fan Consultation Group and the Football Supporters Federation, you’ll hear first hand about the goings on at the club & the latest supporter issues.
  9. Interviews:  Exclusive interviews with former Villa boss Ron Atkinson (with anecdotes aplenty) & fan author John Flanner – with plenty more in the pipeline.
  10. Rated 5 Stars On iTunes – find out why!
  11. Free Giveaways – Subscribers are drawn at random to receive freebies.  Books, vouchers, clothing and a plethora of other cool stuff can be yours!  Listen our for information about becoming a Patron.
  12. A truly independent viewpoint – Unofficial & unaffiliated to the club, advertisers or any other entity, you’ll get honest views & opinions, uncensored!




Featuring a superb debut performance from Chris (@Budd_Music), you’ll hear the latest reaction following Villa’s third successive win.  With analysis of the winning formula & a spying mission to the Under 23’s for good measure, you’ll be right up to date.

No Podcast would be complete without a first and the latest episode is no exception; time travel!

Be sure not to miss: Considered analysis of all the recent wins, a look ahead to Bolton, Twitter With Tony, Negatron, praising the loanees, talent in the U23’s & the promise in the senior squad.

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