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Big Ron sticks in many Villa fans minds.  Charismatic, a winner & arguably one of the last truly great managerial characters to have been at the club.

From the highs of beating Manchester United in the 1994 League Cup final at Wembley (stopping Alex Ferguson securing the treble in the process), memorably beating Inter Milan at Villa Park, to the lows of his controversial sacking at the hand of “Deadly Doug” in November 1994.

In a change to the usual format, Ron Atkinson features as part of this weeks exclusive Podcast.


MOMS Aston Villa Podcast Ep 13 – Ron Atkinson Interview

Jack Grealish’s late strike against Wigan secured Villa’s fourth straight home win on a day that My Old Man Said sat down with ex-Villa boss Ron Atkinson to discuss the current Villa situation and his time at Villa, amongst football anecdotes aplenty on a cast including Brian Clough, Paul McGrath, Andy Gray, David Hirst and Doug Ellis.

A big thanks to Big Ron for his time.

Show Running Order:


Quick Wigan review, Current Villa Issues, Significance of December, Jedinak’s Jungle.

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BIG RON Interview: 

Grimsby, Shaun Teale, Brandy tradition, David Hirst minesweeping story, Villa under Lerner, Steve Bruce aims, The important thing you need in the Championship, Previous offers of the Villa job, Taking the job and the Wednesday aggro, Villa vs United title race, Lack of managerial talent nowadays – Clough & Atkinson England job misses. Coaching badges, Brian Clough’s man management, Favourite Clough story, 1994 Cup Final vs United gambles, Frank Sinatra gigs he went to. Drinking culture at Manchester United? Excuses for the press when covering players. McGrath story. Lost £10,000 in Grimsby. Rottweiler Andy Gray. Seeing Doug Ellis at a Funeral


My Old Man Said –

Villa Underground –

Host and Interviewer: David Michael (MOMS Editor) – @oldmansaid

Jedinak’s Jungle – Dan Rogers – @avfc_vilr

Producer: David Michael


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