Dubai isn’t the place to be; Just ask Hendrik Almstadt.

After less than a year in post as Aston Villa’s very first
sporting director, Almstadt has been relieved of his duties.  Unsurprising given where we are right now.

The questions still abound about what exact Almstadt did at
the club.  Indeed, Fox in the early part
of 2016 described his role as greatly “misunderstood”.  However, despite the opportunity to explain a
little deeper, we were at best fed management jargon, at worst complete lies.

Almstadt formed part of the transfer committee that identified
and recruited players last summer.
Additionally he had oversight for interpreting the current squad, based
at Bodymoor Heath, and setting targets from it.
It is safe to say that the one key stat, our league position, tells it’s
own story.

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Now, Hendrik cannot be blamed for everything.

We are not rubbish because of him, but his actions helped in
ensuring that this was the season the final nail was driven into the coffin

The pursuit of “top” European talent came at a time the club
could ill afford it both on the pitch and in terms of its finances.  For every promising player we have signed,
comes  a period of adjustment, the
possibility they may not develop and in our case, exorbitant wages.  Indeed, wages greater than even the peak of
the wasteful O’Neill era.

And I wonder whether ultimately he just made too many errors
of judgement.

The decision to sunbathe in Dubai as Villa tailspin out of
the Premier League cannot of helped matters.

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The club have stated their intention to re-appoint as they
seek to review the operations at Bodymoor Heath.  This was something that Fox/Hollis referred
to even as far back at the Villa Trust AGM in January, but it remains to be
seen who will be trusted to re-appoint to a positon so badly misjudged at the
first attempt.

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