How to get fast-food delivered to your seat at Villa Park.

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“Do you want fries with that Big MacGrath?”

Whilst Spurs unveil their cheese rooms, micro-brewery and expansive a la carte menus, we at Villa Park make do with the simpler things.

Some recoil at the inner-workings of a balti-pie, when they should really be celebrating the innovation.

Others may ponder the deeper contents of a VillaDog, until wisdom reminds us that some things are best left unknown.

What with catering at football grounds being on par with a hospital or budget airline, one wonders why the gig economy hasn’t cracked sliding a pizza under the turnstiles or tossing a keema naan from Aston Park into the lower Holte.

Even Colchester United are literally light years ahead of us, re-working the fan experience by landing a Big Mac on their training ground just this week.

This got us thinking…why can’t we have a thick VillaDog fired down our throats by drone during the half time interval?


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