How will Villa beat Man United? #avfc #mufc

One victory at Bournemouth; cue bonkers optimism for Villa fans?  Perhaps.  There’s no reason to fear Manchester United these days…is there? #avfc #mufc

It’s funny, because we as fans spend the entire summer speculating, anticipating and praying to the various footballing Gods that our respective sides will “come good” this season.  However, it’s only since Saturday that we’ve been able to glimpse into what the next 37 games may hold in store.

It was a welcome opening result for Villa in overcoming new-boys Bournemouth & gets the season off on a great note for us.  I thought we were combative, carried a threat and most importantly, took our chance when it came.  This is telling and it inspires some optimism as to how a shift in playing staff might change both our outlook, but more tellingly, also the results on the field.

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Having also watched United face Spurs as the early kick off, there is cause for some reserved optimism.  This optimism should certainly be reserved…we wouldn’t want to get our hopes up FA Cup final style.

However, being positive and having some expectation of our club is justified.  Perversely, despite having lost Benteke & Delph I feel we have used it as a opportunity.  Instead of being utterly reliant upon two central figures in our squad, we have injected youth, flair and something different into the mix.  An unexpected benefit, albeit this is very early days.

United, despite a similar injection of talent, didn’t overly impress me against Spurs.  Perhaps it is the loss of the aura that Ferguson instilled, but for me, they lack a certain something.  That something might be hard for even Van Gaal to put his finger on, but they just didn’t look comfortable against Tottenham, who aren’t themselves looking like challenging the top 4 anytime soon.  Maybe it’s merely a case of needing time to “gel”?

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These words, may come back to haunt me, but I would be more fearful heading into a game against the machine that Mourinho has created at Chelsea than United as they presently are.  Ironically, Chelseaa team we generally do ok against and who drew their opening fixture.

Villa go into the fixture with a new hero in Gestede and emerging talents in the shape of Amavi, Gueye and co.  Micah Richards cut a man on a mission on Saturday, but will undoubtedly face a sterner challenge against United.  This will hopefully improve him rather than leave a lasting scar.

Villa retain the element of surprise; an invaluable weapon in a modern game where everyone seems to know each attribute, pass completed and number of Big Mac’s eaten by players.  It is now a game of endless statistics, analysis and interpretation.  Our advantage is that few of our recent additions have years of this data circulating, lessor still any who have been under the microscope of the Premier League.  It’s a welcome, if boring, fact.

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A dangerous game, particularly as I’ve just been talking statistics, because Villa’s record in recent years against United has been dreadful.

However, I predict a terrifying 1-0 victory for Villa.  Behind the sofa stuff that’s for sure!