In Review: All the goals from #avfc road to Wembley…so far!

We haven’t had much to celebrate in recent times, so I make no excuses for whipping myself and others into a mindless frenzy.  Who would have been considered sane for suggesting, just a matter of weeks ago, that Aston Villa would be at Wembley for an FA Cup Semi Final?

In this spirit, let’s track our progress so far:

Aston Villa vs. Blackpool (04.01.2015) – Third Round

1-0 (Benteke)

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Aston Villa vs. Bournemouth (25.01.2015) – Fourth Round. 

2-1 (Gil & Sinclair) **This video is worth it just for the crazy commentary.

Aston Villa vs. Leicester (15.02.2015) – Fifth Round

2-1 (Bacuna & Sinclair)

Aston Villa vs. West Bromwich Albion (07.03.2015) – Sixth Round

2-0 (Delph & Sinclair)

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And some celebrations for good measure….

que sera sera