Inglorious Basterd & The Greatest Day of Jack Grealish’s Life.

What a week it has been.

From the disgraceful assault in the opening minutes of the second city derby, to the Hollywood script and karma winning goal from Jack Grealish.

Also, against a back-drop of suddenly resurgent league form, there’s much to discuss, debate and savour.

We Villa fan’s have certainly experienced emotions at both ends of the spectrum over the last few days.


In the latest edition of the Podcast we cover the latest happenings at Villa Park, consider the fall-out from the major talking points and pick up on some key talking points in and around the game.

  • You’ll hear our reflections on Villa’s 1-0 win over Blues.  How did we play overall?
  • We focus in on the disgusting Paul Mitchell punch on Jack Grealish.
  • What about the second incident involving Blues stewards?  We have our say.
  • There’s talk about appropriate punishments, proportion and what this may mean in the wider game.
  • We take a look at some comparable incidents: “The Gillingham Bummer”.
  • Fixtures: A look forward to Villa’s upcoming games & their importance.
  • We consider what it will take to make the playoffs.
  • The Scott Hogan Touch Count Meter is updated.
  • There are calls for an Ashley Westwood Goal Count Meter
  • And we consider Albion’s decision to sack Darren Moore, the collapse of OWNFC and Blackpool fans turning out in their numbers after Oyston was ousted.



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