Latest: American Takeover, Adebeyor Personal Terms & Ciaran Clark DEAL. #avfc

Yes….I can’t believe it’s Monday either…but here’s the latest from B6 to soften the blow:

American Takeover at Villa?

The takeover talk since Randy announced his intention to sell is not only drawn out but shrouded largely in complete mystery.  This has led to many speculative pieces over the months, firstly concerning a UK based consortium and then Chinese investors who reportedly failed due diligence.

One wonders whether this is a mix of media guesswork and also Randy trying to protect his asset, whilst keeping his work on selling with his role as “custodian” in mind.  The latter is a tricky task.  “Custodians” of football clubs are certainly few and far between in this age.

Indeed, one might say that in the Premier League, a profit driven, avarice pit of selflessness, a right minded fellow would look distinctly out of place.

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For all of the criticism of Lerner, he has been undone not through avarice, rather his naivety as to what it would take to make Aston Villa great again.  

The latest link outlines that an American group is now looking to complete a deal.  Whilst the details on this are vague, it would make sense that in Lerner’s circles, there must be other interested wealthy parties whom he may trust to take Villa both forward and off his hands.

Adebeyor  Personal Terms

Villa have completed the medical for Tottenham’s Emmanuel Adebeyor and are now down to the nitty gritty of discussing personal terms.

Adebeyor will likely be a truly “marmite” signing for us Villain’s as any deal will be a huge leap of faith for the club.  We are desperate for a “name”, but we have been bitten too many times by past it players that have joined for bonkers wages.

Personally, I think that Adebeyor is a calculated risk that will either come good or be a spectacular failure.  The Togo international has all of the proven talent imaginable, but comes laden with the kind of baggage that could undermine even his excellent relationship with Sherwood.

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Villa, I suppose, are in the position to take a risk.  Buoyed by the signings of Sinclair & Gestede we can perhaps afford to take on another striker.  Indeed, having sold both Benteke and Wiemann, there are worse players to make up the numbers.  It is likely to be a numbers game, with Adebeyor one of Spurs’ top earners and likely commanding the type of crippling wages that made offloading Darren Bent a must.

It is therefore a gamble in terms of both Adebeyor’s appetite to once again prove himself in the Premier League and re-align his wage expectations accordingly.

In an ideal world, Villa will negotiate a loan deal that not only gives the club an “out” card, but which incentivises Adebeyor to produce the goods on the pitch.  We shall see.

Ciaran Clark New Contract

In typically last minute style, Villa are set to offer much improved defender Ciaran Clark a new deal.  The Irish international who has had ups and downs since entering the first team, has just 11 months to run on his current deal.

After completely losing his way last season under Paul Lambert, Clark emerged as a central figure in the relegation battle.  The 25 year old, often lead by example with a “take no prisoners” approach.  Whilst he play has become much firmer, he cannot be criticised as being a dirty or unsporting player.

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Clark, if he continues to develop, could become a key player at Villa for many years to come.  His experiences, often at the wrong end of the table for Villa, perversely compliment both his natural reading and composure on the ball.  The last couple of seasons, whilst testing of Clark, have undoubtedly made him a better player.