Millwall mauling. Newcastle nuking? What next for Villa? #avfc

The match reports I’ve been doing of late have been so similar, I need only have changed the oppositions name.

The words; “set-piece, defeat and humiliation” all feature prominently. It was a relief to be beaten on a Friday night. At least Saturday couldn’t be be ruined.

Villa are now so bad that a truly awful defeat at Millwall is almost acceptable. It’s bizarre to be a supporter, the apathy of fans is almost matched by the clubs failure to recognise quite how serious a situation we are in. It is glum.

In a month of 8-0 drubbings, defeat to 4th Division Bradford, Championship Millwall and atrocious displays week on week – the mood is almost that of: “so what?”

I wrote last week, as have many, of the obvious problems that need to be rectified. However, the failure to address even the simplest of errors, namely corners, borders on professional incompetence. I don’t dislike Lambert, but I’m actually astonished he still has a job. It’s that bad.

Villa head into a crucial fixture against Newcastle in the worst possible shape. Terrible individual form, even worse collective form, zero confidence and what looks like little motivation for things to change.

A couple of weeks ago I would have said similar of Newcastle. However, whilst Villa have found new lows the Magpies have sought to address their slide.

Club captain Collicini has been persuaded to stay until at least the summer and Pardew has made moves in the transfer market. Villa? We’re too busy not practicing defending at Bodymoor Heath to even think about buying anyone!

The lack of any transfer activity is not just frustrating, it’s soon to be another reason why we will struggle to turn this titanic mess around.

Positivity is a commodity in really short supply, but then there’s nowhere for it to come from. What is the catalyst for change? Who is the leader at our club? Who will act like a man and haul Villa back into shape?

How will we beat Newcastle?

Because we MUST.