Objects thrown at Stoke; Lescott over Richards; Garde’s Denial; Anti-Lerner Chants & “Highlights”.

Picking over the bones of another defeat isn’t pretty, but you can see all of the “action” from Saturday here as well as a reflection on events.  

Obviously there is little to gloss over the embarrassing reality of our situation, but there is plenty to talk about, particularly about just how things need to change.

One unsavoury development is the alleged throwing of “objects” at Stoke ‘keeper Jack Butland.  Confirmed or not, such actions will make us look small-time and bring us into disrepute as fans.  If we want to be treated seriously, despite our club doing it’s utmost to prevent that, we mustn’t lose our heads and the moral high ground with it.

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Garde’s comments and actions are now beginning to puzzle.  Given Lescott’s actions, picking him is one thing, but to reward him with the Captaincy?  Baffling.  Lescott’s dire performance at The Britannia serves only to underline this point.  I just don’t get how he can be picked ahead of Clark or Richards on conduct, let alone form.

Equally is the perseverance with players Remi openly describes as not trying.  Yes, his options are limited, but not so limited that some squad rotation can’t be employed.  Whilst I’m not a huge advocate of throwing the youth to the wolves in our predicament, it baffles me that none of the peripheral academy players are getting game time.  Not one?

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Either Garde’s press and media comments are just rhetoric, or he is just seeing out time until he can walk away.  It really seems like the latter to me.  I don’t blame him for feeling like he does, hell, I’d be aggrieved at being hung out in the manner he has by Fox/Lerner.  However, at least look like you’re trying.

The reality is that despite our poor squad, there is so little fight, the absence of any motivation and no evidence that he has “galvanised” us in any way.  We have now got more defeats (17) than points…

As posted yesterday & now widely circulated on social media ahead of the Everton home game, an anti Lerner chant is taking off; 

A video posted by rhodesy86 (@rhodesy86) on Feb 27, 2016 at 10:50am PST

“Randy Lerner – What a w*nker”

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