Omar Cummings To Aston Villa?

In recent years the transfer window has been something of a non-event for us dear Aston Villa supporters.  Indeed, it was unusual to see anything other than rumour fail to materialise right up until the Sky Sports News ticker reached zero.  Despite our position, it is refreshing to see that there is at least some activity and the chance of some new faces to break up the faltering squad.

Step forward Omar Cummings who has recently been on trial at the clubs training ground at Bodymoor Heath as Houllier et al presumably run the rule over the Jamaican international.  At first glance it’s not the major name that everyone including Randy Lerner craves, indeed the name itself provokes a titter from my inner childish humour – but let’s be grown up about this for a change.  Well for five minutes at least.

Cummings would be a late bloomer at 28 years of age, arguably entering his peak, he enjoyed an extremely successful season in the MLS.  His goal ratio is just under one in three at club level and one in four at international.  It is fair to say that his international appearances have been limited and his goals against unspectacular opposition.  However I refuse to be pessimistic about any potential Villa player, he is here, a proposed imminent signing and looking around at what we have already our squad hardly boasts numerous goalscorers.

Villa’s interest doesn’t seem a complete gamble however.  A strong part of Cummings’ game is that he is creative.  Ashley Young and Stewart Downing (+Albrighton) aside Villa are bereft of creativity.  Further whilst the latter provide the pin-point cross we have nobody who tries to make the final pass centrally.  Which is where I believe Houllier might be pinning some hope on Cummings, as a key attribute is his number of assists (12 in 28).  Therefore my reasoning is that whilst he might only score in one of three appearances he represents a threat, a through ball or that final pass that we so desperately lack.  

So whilst the name will not have many running to get their shirt printed, it is worth considering that in the event Omar puts pen to paper, Villa have acquired themselves at least an option up front.  He’s not a kid, he’s worked hard and earned the right to train at Villa, who’s to say he’s not desperate to make his mark in the Premiership?

You can see some promising highlights of Cummings on Youtube.  I’m assured that this isn’t produced by the same agent who forwarded the videos of Bosko Balaban and Savo Milosevic to Doug.