Preview:  Wolves (v) Aston Villa – Pubs, Parking & Getting There #avfc

What a great fixture?

You forget, often when facing up against the no-marks of modern top flight opponents, just how many big clubs lurk on the periphery.  Wolves, the much derided bigger cousins of West Brom are that team.  Great history, heritage, ambition, proper colours; but who in modern years have suffered terribly from poor vision from the hierarchy.

It’s hard to predict what sort of side Villa will field, but expect a smattering of first team players & a few development players to be blooded.

How to find the Molineux 

…follow the homeless. etc.

Where to Park For Molineux

Wolves are now a subsidiary of Asda. Therefore, if you are brave enough to shop there and drive a skip lorry you are safe. Aside from that you can follow this awful PDF. Other options are train & tram which take you to within a stones throw.

Best Away Pubs For Molineux

Keep your wits about you.  There are many decent Wolves fans who follow their team & respect the opposition.  But, for every decent man there is a scumbag who will seize a cheap opportunity.  Therefore, advisable to keep as a group for this away day.  

The City Centre is a plethora of the chain pubs/bars, the usual fare but it is also a University town which allows for decent small bars & independents to survive.

While the Uni kids are away – the fans a-play…

If able to keep a low profile then the city centre standard issue Wetherspoons is your friend – make for the Moon Under Water (say you are in the home end or pretend you’ve not got a ticket yet).

Other good pubs if you aren’t in colours are The Great Western (by the train station or The Litten Tree in the City Centre.

Wolverhampton is notoriously hard for away fans to find a pub & you will be refused entry/service in the City Centre if in colours or clearly following Villa.