The demise and fall of Aston Villa #avfc #swans

Well, it wouldn’t be almost November without Villa staring down the barrel of relegation.

I’ve sat for weeks, like many, bemused at the happenings at our football club.

Bemused by the failure to muster anything other than mediocrity on the pitch. Bemused by a manager who has eroded goodwill quicker than the captain of the Titanic. Bemused by the indifference of our billionaire owner.

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We have all watched football long enough to know when the inevitable is looming. If unchecked, we will be relegated. After glimpses of promise in the opening weeks, we have collapsed like a junior school cricket batting order. We’ve been dire.

And its worse.

We are, by some achievement, worse than previous years.

Worse than under Lambert points wise and look more likely to lose a game than draw it as under McLeish. This, after a summer recruiting allegedly the finest talent from across Europe. Refrain and contain your laughter.

Perversely, I think we do have good players amongst the squad. Naive and youthful they might be. However, they are badly organised, ill disciplined over 90 minutes and absolutely bereft of a leader. We lack seniority, experience and the assured arm around the shoulder.

We sit absolutely where we belong, we haven’t been unlucky, we have been consistently bad. Next we face Swansea.

Swansea are a team in equally poor form. However, this smaller, less successful and relative newcomer to the top flight will likely arrive the favourites at Villa Park. This, largely on account of their professional, progressive and thoughtful ambition.

Take note Aston Villa: Ambition. Might we consider looking up the definition?

For we have shown none. None in close season. None for over five years. And it is killing a football club that predates big business interests, billionaire playthings and indeed, the Premier League.

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We have empty seats by the thousand.

We have apathy en masse.

We have fans who daren’t miss a game previously, preferring to holiday, abstain or drink cyanide rather than attend Villa Park.

All whilst our club ignores, deludes itself and folds inwards upon the nonsense that Aston Villa cannot be relegated or be considered insignificant.

Newsflash: we will be and we are.

We are all passionate about our club in different ways and measures, but something has to give. As a fan I am tired of the deceit and false promises. I will support our club without fail, but I won’t be complicit in a deception. If we are truly a “big club”, back up such words through action.

I don’t want to tempt bankruptcy or crave Champions League trophies; merely competitiveness and above all else effort on and off the pitch.

I am a voice amongst many, who hope we ultimately get change and three points against Swansea.

Up The Villa.

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