The ‘Super Jack’ Grealish Show, Lose & Your Money Back & Winning Ways.

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Hasn’t life been a little sweeter of late?

What with Villa’s 4-0 demolition of Derby at Villa Park, to the unseasonal warm weather.

It’s refreshing to be able to walk amongst fresh Villadogs pushing up out of the pitch amongst the daffodils, for once.

The podcast is back for more, so it’s time to kick back, peel the lid off your Bovril and relax into the Villa Park acid bath.

in this episode

  • Super Jack’s back – we reflect on what we’ve been missing.
  • You’ll hear our thoughts on the 4-0 win over Derby.
  • Is there a Second City selection headache for Smith?
  • We touch on the issue of Villa Park toxicity.
  • The Money Back Guarantee….that backfired…
  • The death of Monday night football.

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