Veretout Quits, Xia deal finally through & Guzan Blinder.

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Hoorah.  It’s Monday, we’re not in a French jail or indeed…attempting to live in the ghetto that is Southern France.  French Riviera?  Haha..maybe 40 years ago…a slum akin to Small Heath-On-Sea.

Welcome to your week.

Jordan Veretout’s agent is reportedly making noises to force a move through to any top flight European League.  Whilst Veretout has something about him, he was far too inconsistent for my liking last term.  For every decent pass there was ninety minutes of anonymity.

The Premier League was too physical, too quick and too intelligent for a lad who promised a great deal more.  Is there more in Jordan?  Certainly, but he needs to learn his trade.  It’s not all Hollywood passes or hiding away,

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In other news the completion of Tony Xia’s purchase of the club is set to be confirmed.  After a boring interlude whilst due diligence has been completed, the wealthy Chinese Businessman is set to take control.  What could be worse than Lerner…world domination?

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In other news, Brad Guzan kept a clean sheet AND saved some shots.  You need to desperately verify sources on this matter.  The USA All-Star Globetrotters overcame Paraguay 1-0 in the Copa America.

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