Where to park at Villa Park?

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Parking is a pain near most football grounds these days, but a little local knowledge can go a long way.  If you are looking for free parking near to the football ground of Aston Villa:

This page tells you exactly where to leave your car for free if going to a game at Villa Park if coming to your first home game or are an away fan;

  1.  Church Road – Sat Nav : B6 5UP



Church Road can get busy close to kick off.  Arrive with a bit of time to secure free street parking.  There is the option to pay £5-£7 to park on the smaller industrial units here also.

You can also park on the grass verges around this area but be aware that there are apparently random traffic wardens roaming.

Follow Church Lane (heading north) and a straight walk to the ground.

The free spaces here sit on a one way road providing access back on to the duel carriageway leading to the motorway / city centre after the game.

Walk time to Villa Park: 10 minutes.

2.  Cheston Road – Sat Nav : B7 5EH



Cheston Road is free, has plenty of spaces and has good access to get away after the game.  You can pay to park in any number of industrial units along the road (£7) , or opt to save your cash by parking on this long road for nothing.

The best spots are at the Aston Manor Brewery end of the road as this is the quickest walking route to the ground.  Turn left when you reach Thimble Mill Lane and walk straight.

At the end of the game, make sure you exit from the opposite end of the brewery (turn if necessary) to avoid joining traffic coming from the direction of Villa Park.  At the end of the road turn right onto Rocky lane and follow the signpost at the island. Go left to A38 through the city centre, or go right to head towards the M6 (via A38 sliproad).

Walk time to the ground: 15 minutes.

3. Maple Business Park – Sat Nav: B7 5ET

For busier games or if you are arriving closer to kick off try Maple Business Park.

Whilst further out, there tends to be spaces here.  You can park on this t-shaped roadway, just be sure not to block either of the larger units, but there is ample room usually.

When leaving after the game be sure to turn right and head in that direction back to the A38 / M6.  Avoid turning left and into traffic.

Walk time to ground: 20 minutes.

4. William Henry Street – Sat Nav: B7 5ER

A last resort but sometimes overlooked options if late arriving and parking.

There are extremely limited on street parking here but can be a life-saver if kick off is near and an evening game (as units/businesses on the road are closed).  Note that Shanahan’s pub is on the corner of this dead end road, you will have to walk past, be mindful of colours.  On foot cross the street into Cheston Road, turning left at Thimble Mill Lane, head straight on and directly to Villa Park.

On return, exit left onto Rocky Lane and head towards A38 / M6.  Avoid turning right as this will lead to heavier traffic.

Walk time to ground: 25 minutes.

Be Aware: Clean Air Zone

Villa Park and the roads immediately surrounding the ground are not within Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ).  However, it is easy to stray into the CAZ on departure via the A38.  If heading into the City Centre for drinks / food / entertainment after the game, you will incur the daily charge if driving into the zone – you can view a map of the chargeable area here.

You can find out more about vehicles that are exempt, current fees and how to pay here.

If you are a group arriving in a non-CAZ exempt coach or minibus, be aware that this charge is £50.

Don’t Forget

  1. Don’t leave valuables on display or in your vehicle.
  2. Avoid tickets: Don’t block businesses or park illegally.
  3. Report any car crime here.

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  1. Thanks for these helpful tips. It makes life easier when you haven’t got a clue.
    Last visit was in 1964. Semi v Swansea. On the Holte End aged 12. PNE supporter.
    Remember Tony Morley, ex PNE.

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