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Dear Villa fans, firstly, thank you for tuning in, streaming, downloading and bootlegging our Podcast.  

What started as three Aston Villa writers coming together has suddenly grown into unstoppable instalments of satire, humour and football in equal measure.  

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Life as an Aston Villa supporter in recent years hasn't been all fun & games.

There's a time and a place for serious discussion, but sometimes you've just got to laugh.  

Featuring original comedy sketches such as 'Jedinak's Jungle' (satirising the wilds of Aston, Birmingham), right through to 'Tony's Tweets', a take on our new Chinese owners' insatiable appetite for Twitter (delivered in a Yorkshire accent for added authenticity).


The My Old Man Said Podcast see's both MOMS & The Villa Underground come together for the first time in order to collaborate on the creation of a fan centred show.  This format has not only brought about the most unique & diverse Aston Villa Podcast available, but also draws upon a wide pool of talented writers, satirists & supporter skills in both its creation and distribution.


We are fan led & address supporter issues.

In depth analysis of all matters affecting AVFC.

Exclusive coverage from the first Fan Consultation meeting.

Supporter Q&A prior to each Episode.

All content is original & totally free for supporters.