Watch: Did you know?  Villa used to score & compete against Man City?

However, things haven’t always been doom and gloom, either in City’s stronger era or in those years when Villa were a competitive side.

Here are some occasions where Villa have come out on top:

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2013/14 – “That” Andy Wiemann goal & Leandro Bacuna’s last decent freekick;

Whilst City recently stuck 4 past us, we did the same on their pitch in the Carling Cup run of 2012.  A couple from Gabby here & a tap in for N’Zogbia (boo hiss):

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Whilst a draw in an FA Cup 5th round at Villa Park hardly sticks in the mind, it did feature a 17 year old Micah Richard’s scoring a 94th minute equaliser to force a replay.  Milan Baros (remember him) got the Villa goal:

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In 2001, Dion Dublin capitalised on a goalkeeping error from Nicky Weaver in a 3-1 victory over Man City.  This was in the days before their move to the Etihad, whilst still residing at Maine Road.

In January 2011 Villa were in desperate need of points and signed Darren Bent for £24 million to keep us up.  In the brief Gerard Houllier era, this debut goal and 1-0 victory over City at Villa Park was a highlight:

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