8 thoughts on “Watch Video: Tammy Abraham tells QPR physio where to go at Villa Park.

  1. Absolute scum and you have proved it with this video. From the fans, through to players and your racist coach.

  2. Sour Grapes, with the time added on you still could not beat them,by the way the injury was to his head (as the nose is part of that) extra time required to head injury.
    Get a Life

  3. Yes, he took his time before ranting. Talk about playing safe, never mind any injury, lets get on with the game. Now that what I call good sportsmanship – something sadly missing from Villa these days.

  4. Maybe the physio did waste a bit of time but it was still added on!!. One of your players tried to cheat scooping the foam into his boot and putting it down on a different spot to gain advantage but was caught out by the Ref. Your fans were disgusting to Joe Lumley considering the state of his face. Kodija should have been sent off. Your team would not have done this if you were winning!!

  5. Ha Ha. very funny. Maybe he would be better off having a go at his own colleagues for not caring enough!! With Dean Smith Whingeing yet again i can see that there are some things fundamentally wrong at Villa!!

  6. Just hope the same thing happens to one of your lot anyway cheers for the 4 points this season nice touch see u next season

  7. Player only got a yellow should have bin a red , what would you have said if it was your goalie??????????

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