What will be, will be… A Wembley Preview. #avfc #afc #facup

A quick update from Underground Towers.

Tomorrow represents a fantastic opportunity.  A chance to add to our glorious heritage, parade our colours globally & win a trophy that has for too long been out of our grasp.

With that said, our opponents will not step aside to permit their opportunity for silverware to slip away.  It is a tie between two old, proud clubs of distinction.

Yes, fortunes have differed in recent years for Aston Villa.  Certainly, our glorious past is, indeed, in the past.  However, history does repeat itself, and big clubs are big for a reason.  Sleeping giants stir and they awaken.

I imagine my hope for tomorrow is the ultimate dream.  Seeing Aston Villa lift the FA Cup would see a childhood fantasy come true.  For many fans, it would complete a lifetime of watching Aston Villa, having seen them win everything in the domestic game, European and World game.  A true feat and mark of greatness.

My other hope is that we compete, as we did against Liverpool.  That we respect the competition, as we have throughout.  And, that we can walk away, winners or losers, with absolute pride in our club.  Any football fan can take defeat, but we must not be feeble.  If we go down, let’s do so fighting.

I cannot wait for tomorrow.  Nervous, horrible, stomach churning anticipation and worry aside.  We will all pull on our colours in the morning as though gracing the hallowed Wembley turf ourselves.  We will all have lucky rituals, badges and superstitious routes to the ground.  Some of us may even find God.  He is, after all, a Villa fan.

And so we go.  To Wembley, to the unknown, the unpredictable, and just perhaps, glory.  I’ll see you on the otherside.  Roar them home!