Villa Protests:“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.”

The Villa Underground is backing the 74th minute walk-outs planned for the next 3 home games – and all forms of protest until the direction of Aston Villa changes.

This blog has been largely written over the recent declining Villa years, charting the demise and fall of Aston Villa.  The early promise of Randy Lerner’s ownership seems a distant memory, replaced by the reality and acceptance of mediocrity.

For a football team that has a loyal and proud fanbase, we have become a figure of national ridicule.  We are fans who travel en masse, expend money we cannot afford & re-arrange our lives to support a football club that repeatedly treats us with disdain.  An unacceptable state of affairs.

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We have a squad of players unfit for the competitive nature of the Premier League, ill-disciplined and whom display little or not affinity to the heritage that preceded their arrival.  Their are individuals amongst them who are an embarrassment to have associated with Aston Villa.

The hierarchy of the club is made up of a blinkered CEO, an austere retired banker, an accountant and an absent, cowardly owner.  Not a single man amongst them has any experience in football.  

Not one person with direct culpability to Aston Villa’s downfall has had the decency, or indeed the courage to apologise publicly.

It is for these reasons that I see whatever means now acceptable to deliver a message to those responsible.

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It matters not which means of protesting a fan adopts, so long as they protest.  Walking out on 74 minutes is as effective as staying away.  The financial impact is equal to the visual impact.  Action, in whatever form, is greater than inaction.

Don’t buy the crap Macron shirts and rubbish training gear.

Don’t buy the over-priced vile mass produced filth beer piss water in the ground.

Don’t waste your hard earned money on the slops passing for food.

Don’t ignore the fact that low paid agency workers are replacing familiar faces.

Don’t buy a propaganda programme sanitised of criticism.

Do throw tennis balls onto the pitch if you want.

Do wear clown masks mocking Randy ‘Coco’ Lerner.

Do turn your back on the pitch.

Be vocal in any way you see fit & as disruptive as the law permits.

Do support protests, in your way, but don’t be silent when you can effect change upon Aston Villa.

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