Round-Up: Adama Traore OFF, Ellis accepts Relegation, Wally Wilkins & Depoitre Linked.

It’s all happening lately.  Protests are rightly planned, the term “crisis” is now staple vocabulary & we still have to hear the ramblings of Paul Lambert.  Here’s the latest;

News Round Up;

It’s as good as confirmed that Adama Traore is off in the event of Villa being relegated.  Traore, who has shown glimpses of great talent between injuries would apparently likely leave having never really begun his Villa career.  The suggestion is that not only would Adama’s significant wages be problematic in The Championship, but that he also has suitors elsewhere ready to exercise a relegation release clause in his contract.  Bummer.

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Doug Ellis Accepts Relegation;

Doug has been doing the rounds for the first time in a while with the media & has been both critical of Lerner & resigned to relegation this season.

Ellis, who himself had a fraught relationship with us supporters, at least had the courage to turn up and take it on the chin every week.  Further, he was brazen enough to engage shareholders year on year, often entering into heated debates with the floor.  Whilst we were certainly on a road to nowhere under Doug, it would be unfair to say he could have ever inflicted such deliberate harm on Aston Villa like Lerner.

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Ray Wilkins’ Inane Comments

At the time of Wilkin’s appointment at Villa Park, it seemed a rational, progressive addition to the coaching staff.  The reality was much different.

After an incomprehensible period at the club, where it is hard to identify exactly what Wilkins added, we are now forced to listen to repeated musings on what went wrong and what should change.

The latest bonkers comments relate to our apparent need to move Micah Richards back to centre half.  Insane talk.

Richards, as anyone who has watched him play this season, has been utterly shambolic at centre half.  I like the man, I think he has some fine attributes, but he is not remotely equipped to play the role.  Ray has stated that Micah was “exceptional” under Sherwood at centre back.  I mean, what on earth is Wilkins talking about?  Surely he’s trolling us.

Transfer Rumour: Laurent Depoitre

We actually needed a striker in the January window but have been linked with Gent striker Laurent Depoitre.  The price quoted is in the region of £11-£12 million, steep in anyone’s book.  Obligatory show-reel;

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