Aston Villa v Blackburn in ze Cup (again) & that Wigan game midweek..

Villa have played Blackburn two seasons running in the FA Cup.  We played them again this season in the Carling Cup.  What in God’s (Paul McGrath) name do we have to do to get away from Blackburn Rovers.  It is as though that fusion takes place inside that velvet bag before the balls are poured to be selected.  It defies probability.  It defies logic.  And it’s a sinfully dire draw.

Dire in the respect that Blackburn bring around twenty people to the game.  They could be in the Champions League final and would need to do kids for a quid.  They almost make Birmingham look like a big club, but let’s not get carried away.

Darren Bent is cup tied.  It’s going to be freezing cold.  Throw in a 1pm kick off and we really do have a recipe for 0-0.  Sense my optimism?  But I jest.  

Villa go into the game far more resolute.  Man City marked a turning point, Wigan, that corner being turned and a win over Blackburn would certainly indicate improved fortunes.  Blackburn are currently a funny package.  Santa Cruz’s return from Citeh represents tidy work.  But with players like Diouf and Emerton, they look very samey to what has come before.  

In short, I have the sneaking suspicion Blackburn will have one eye on the warm team bus home.  I’m also sure that Randy would be mightily unimpressed to lose to some chicken salesmen.  I mean..come on, are they for real?  The comparisons to the Blues just keep coming.  Chickens??  Whatever next?

I will keep today’s preview brief because I’m not sure quite how much can be read into tomorrow’s fixture.  The team will, I imagine, have the feel of a rotation and could see some players sent out to ramp up match fitness.  Makoun will likely get a run to improve his stamina – and Delph is apparently available for selection.

I do hope that we have a go.  It represents our only chance of winning something (don’t laugh) and after the dismal early season performances, a cup run wouldn’t hurt morale.  Plus, after Blues get utterly humiliated in the Carling Cup final by Arsenal, we can show them how to win a real cup, come May.

Prediction corner:  2-1 to Villa.

Heskey first scorer (with an overhead kick from the half way line).


For those of you awaiting an analysis of the victory over Wigan midweek – I apologise.  I wrote the post and through a combination of fat fingers and having too much porn running in the background I lost it all.  Instead I did what any true literary genius would do, told myself I would re-do it and promptly did not.  Rest assured though, it’s been annoying me all week.