Weight off our shoulders; Joleon Lescott must never Captain Aston Villa again.


Amidst ongoing supporter protests and our worst season in a generation, Lescott continues to embarrass Aston Villa.

He currently wears the Captains armband, at a time where we need strong, thoughtful and purposeful leadership on the field.  Almost as a matter of routine he has let Aston Villa down.  Is he honestly the best we can muster?

Inexplicably, after repeated humiliating issues and far from decent playing form, Lescott remains not only in the first team squad but also leading out the team.

What example does rewarding this man set to those he Captains?

Is this the player that our academy players should be expected to emulate?

Are the public spats with fans and former players acceptable for a representative of the club?

No.  It is indefensible.

What more evidence do we need of all that is wrong within our football club?  Why is our football club tolerating or being so inactive on these matters?  Lescott is the personification of exactly why we are where we are.

Following our relegation we need to begin taking firm and visible steps to send a message that not only will conduct like this be acted upon, but to draw a line that we will not be lowering ourselves to it in the future.

Why wait until the summer?  There is nothing left to lose.

Lescott is a man who describes our fine clubs relegation as a “weight off his shoulders”.  A true insight in the mindset of our current squad & someone we can truly do without.  Removing Lescott would be a weight off ours.