Replacing Remi: Villa will have a tough task getting the right man. Who will it be?

Remi isn’t even out of the door yet, but as it’s the worst kept secret in football that he’ll be getting the boot, we might as well speculate.

We have a mighty problem at Villa.  Mightier than our inevitable drop to The Championship.  How on earth are we going to get ourselves back up in one piece?  Who is the man to achieve it?  Would they want to job?  Do we want them?  Can we even afford to be picky?

That’s a lot of questions already.

Faces in the frame, even at this early stage:

Steve Bruce, Nigel Pearson, Mark Warburton, David Moyes & Brendan Rodgers.


We would certainly be on a frighteningly similar road to the McLeish appointment.  Whilst we can’t afford to be picky, any deal may be contingent on Bruce failing to get Hull back to the top flight.  This raises obvious question marks.  Bruce does though have promotions on his CV and has generally done so on a tight budget.  Marmite appointment?  You ‘betcha!

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Pearson ticks the boxes for promotion, budget, instilling discipline and steered Leicester to a record breaking survival in the 2015/16 season.  This is offset by his loose cannon approach to both managing his players, dealing with the press and well documented altercations with supporters.  Pearson has the potential to be effective, like Bruce, for what we need, but his appointment would bring with it great risk.


A surprise casualty at Brentford after an impressive spell and has carried on his progress at Rangers.  Warburton has high stock at the moment and might take the view that joining Villa would be a risky move for a CV that is on the ascendency.  Equally, he might view us as an opportunity to pick up unfinished business in The Championship & guide Villa where Brentford denied.  

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Moyes has been a name mentioned many times over the years in connection with the Villa job.  Moyes has experienced a rollercoaster of late, with a difficult spell at Manchester United and a poor record in Spain with Real Sociedad.  Indeed, his record in La Liga was awful, lasting only a season and recording just 2 wins before being sacked.  Moyes might see Villa as a back to basics job, returning to the level that earned him recognition at Preston, with a club similar in size to Everton.  If attainable, Moyes is the most balanced option if available and willing for me.


Rodgers has been out of the game since being relieved of his duties at Anfield.  Having come close in his first season to winning the Premier League, poor signings (which he distances himself from) saw Liverpool fade badly following the sale of Suarez.  Despite this Rodgers has good pedigree, a strong spell at Swansea and experience under Mourinho at Chelsea make him appealing.  Rodgers may see Villa as a big risk, with there being uncertainty on transfer policy and funds available to guarantee a return at the first attempt to the Premier League.

Who do you want to see as the next Aston Villa boss?

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