Report: Lame defeat against Swansea puts Garde on the brink.

As if watching Aston Villa isn’t a chore enough these days, doing so knowing the same script will pan out week after week has made the experience worse.

Villa slipped to yet another defeat, losing 1-0 to Swansea at The Liberty Stadium.

Its quite astonishing how similar every game under Remi Garde has become. Its a recurring nightmare.

The first half is all about containing the opposition, pressing and (in my view) getting to half time level.

We had an aerial threat in Gestede yesterday but played to none of those strengths.

Ayew was wasted in a wider role, yet again.

Its ponderous, bordering on promising, but without ever looking like scoring.

Then the teams emerge for the 2nd half, the opposition works our limited game plan out and punishes us.

And so it was again.

After Cissokho fouled 25/30 yards out, Siggurdson floated an inviting ball into the Villa area.

Villa couldn’t cope with this straightforward ball, with the defenders all over the place, as organised as the Spanish bull run.

The true calamity, yet again, was Guzan.

The awful American keeper took flight, appearing to close his eyes and flinching the challenge, missing the ball & permitting Fernandez an easy headed finish.

It was not only a very poor goal to concede, but embarrassing to watch.

The usual non event then played out.

The introduction of long since past it figures like Gabby Agbonlahor from the bench only serves to underline both the squad & Remi Garde’s shortcomings.

Garde, for me, might as well leave.

He was the “thinking” man at a time when we needed a no-nonsense motivator.

Villa are now the personification of Remi’s public persona: resigned, withdrawn and lacking in imagination.

The elephant in the room is also his abysmal points return. In part this is inflicted by poor players, but the lack of fight & resolve is a contributing factor too.

Too many times we have been negative, conservative & without any bite to our play. The continued lack of rotation or indeed inclusion of academy talent (17 year old Green excluded), equally baffling.

We are in a dismal position, with too many players who have either no confidence or care. For some, money has substituted pride.

For Remi, he should walk, rid himself of this nightmare & the club of a disastrous failed gamble.