Replacing Remi Garde:  The next appointment makes or breaks Aston Villa’s next chapter.

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Please get it right.  Please, please, please.

As a football club we are on a terrible run of managerial appointments. 

Lambert was clueless.  McLeish oozed negativity.  Houllier past his prime.  Sherwood a reckless gambler.  Garde…was at best lost in translation.

The difference this time is that we appear to have a ruthless, focused approach at board level.  I was the first to state my doubts about Steve Hollis after his flat refusal to entertain the idea of sacking the CEO in January, but he has clearly seen enough.

Indeed, to take the steps he has been shows him to not only be a shrewd operator, but that he will not be suffering fools.  The swift exits of Almstadt, Fox and the axe being promptly wielded on their sacrificial lamb Remi Garde sets the tone completely.

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To compliment this we now have the makings of a football club again.  Bringing in faces like Little wins valuable PR for the club, but his input will prevent errors of judgement like McLeish being permissible again.

And quite simply, we cannot afford any more failure.  Aston Villa absolutely has to get right manager.  Another mess will erode what little trust the new board has recovered and undoubtedly make life very difficult for us in clawing our way back to the Premier League.

The cost of failure does not bear thinking about.

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