Report: West Ham (2) v (0) Villa – Ayew kidding me?

Idiotic Jordan Ayew saw red for an off the ball elbow on Aaron Cresswell to guarantee that Villa never had any hope of getting anything at Upton Park.

Just when you think that our season can’t throw up any more self inflicted disasters, another one rears it’s head.  Jordan Ayew, who has shown glimmers of real talent this season, lost a great many admirers with a needless, stupid elbow on West Ham’s Aaron Cresswell.

Ayew received an unquestionable red card & what platform we were trying to build in the game was lost.  We never recovered.  What game plan had been employed was destroyed, by the thoughtless actions of one individual.

Hopefully, the dressing room will remind Jordan of his responsibilities.  Hopefully he will reflect, mature and never repeat the error.

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Villa dug in from then on, with limited opportunity to get forward and when the chance did present, with no real outlet in a solitary Agbonlahor.

If there were positives to take there was some hard work visible.  Richards grafted, battled, cleared and tried to carry the ball out.  Bunn pulled off a couple of impressive saves.  The previously derided reserve to Guzan is now beginning to command some presence and certainly respect.

However, despite the good work, the goals conceded were nothing related to our having ten men or West Ham having to work particularly hard to earn them.

The opener saw a straightforward ball pumped across the centre halves, with a suggestion of offside, and the ball was nodded home.  It was a great ball, but too easy to deliver and unchallenged when it arrived in the box.

After this, the heads dropped and the game was settled.  Villa continued to ponder, but West Ham waited for their moment and another self destruction.

From a rare corner, delivered with absolutely no threat, the ball broke to the edge of the box where Gueye failed to react.  Thus followed a West Ham gallop up the pitch and a finish past Bunn who appeared to go to ground early.  Game over.

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It is with resignation that our club now sets out its stall.  It is also with resignation that we as fans follow our side, awaiting the inevitable and wondering quite how this was mess was permitted.  Tonight’s defeat merely marks another desperate result in a season of repetitive, enduring misery.

Garde’s post match interview was as revealing in the avoidance of answering direct question as those he did address.

Remi has his critics, but he now finds himself in uncharted territory which to an observer he seems ill prepared for.  This intelligent, thoughtful man looks beaten.  The lucid, optimistic French tones following his arrival have been replaced with fixed stares and desolation.

Garde could never have forseen things to be quite this bad.  So few are the points picked up since his arrival.  So abandoned & ostracised already by the owner.  Already misled or denied players by the board despite clear assurances.  

It was no surprise that he was non-committal on his future.  His future & Villa’s is made up.

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