Spotlight: Smith, O’Kelly, Terry & Jesus Garcia Pitarch + Streakers & Drones?!

In this episode…

  • A closer look at the fresh faces that make up Villa’s backroom staff:
    • Dean Smith
    • Richard O’Kelly
    • John Terry
    • Jesus Garcia Pitarch – New Sporting Director.
  • We consider what Dean Smith can bring to the role, the challenges he faces at Villa and the minimum expectations that the club holds.
  • Uefa League of Nations – Is anyone interested, or, actually know what it is?
  • Thierry Henry was the media favourite for the Villa job.
    • Will the former Arsenal & Barca star be the one that got away?
    • How will the French World Cup winner cope with his glorious backdrop in Monaco?
  • What was the Police’s take on Cabbage Gate?  We also look at the media over-reaction to a “cabbage attack”, when in reality, the vegetable was bowled onto the playing surface at Villa Park.
  • Drones – You can expect to see an increased use of drones as part of managing fans – and the upcoming Villa / Blues derby will be no exception.  Is this a proportionate Police tactic?  Are the reasons for using drones robust?
  • New Feature: “Where were you, when we were good?”
    • Hear all about the goal that saved Villa’s blushes in 1994.

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