Watch: New angle shows Blues steward’s actions following Jack Grealish’s Villa goal.

As the fall-out from the Second City derby continues, so does footage from some of the more unsavoury incidents of the encounter.

The Villa Underground featured supporter observations that a steward has been led away following the Grealish goal.

Whilst at the time it wasn’t 100% clear what happened, it was apparent that something had led to the Birmingham City steward being led away by Police.  It was later confirmed that the individual had been spoken to.

The above footage shows that there is a clear coming together between the steward and Grealish, who appears to be man-handled back across the hoardings.  This prompts a response from Conor Hourihane, who is calmed by Police.

The footage above also shows Villa’s Tyrone Mings, outstanding on the day, having his own difficulties with a seperate steward.

Villa won the game 1-0 [See the Match Ratings], but the match will be remembered for a disgraceful assault on Jack Grealish.

This unprecedented act, which has drawn global attention, will see the alleged perpetrator before Birmingham magistrates today.

In an example of textbook karma, Grealish kept his cool throughout the fixture, ultimately scoring the winner in a game.

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