Why Aston Villa urgently needs Moyes or Pearson.  NOW.

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The sooner Aston Villa make a managerial appointment the better.  Never has one been so important to get right, so quickly, for so many reasons.

A couple of weeks ago I was perhaps solidly in the Moyes camp.  Then after more reckless behaviour from our collection of nobodies, I think I could quite happily live with Pearson dealing with them man to man.

In fact, it comes to something when the atrocious results are just a side-show of embarrassment.  The performances defy summary.

It’s a circus; Agbonlahor chavving it up in Dubai, Lescott demonstrating he was last in line for IQ’s & Bacuna making comedic predictions about his Champions League destiny.  

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And this in a season where Grealish was passed out drunk in Tenerife, our head of European recruitment lived in Australia & where Remi Garde was actually appointed.

I guess this level of disorder is why I am on the fence with either manager.

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Moyes has a CV that peaked with Everton and has struggled since.  The fall from grace is well documented, but he is arguably the man motivated to want to rebuild his reputation alongside our own.  Whether this is possible whilst Lerner remains as owner is another matter.

I also think David Moyes commands respect, has a background is building stability over time and has an understanding of how big football clubs are run.  Whilst Everton fan’s wouldn’t necessarily want him back, their trajectory is much different to our own.  With that we must revise our expectations but also make sure we match the candidates credentials to our own needs.

That is perhaps why Pearson’s name, previously unthinkable, has traction.

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Pearson is the antithesis of who we would have hoped to be in consideration even 18 months ago at Villa Park.  However, the situation has changed markedly in that time.

Whilst our fall to the Championship is all but a mathematical certainty, we have a group of players who are ill-fitted to the outcome.

They are not only absolutely terrible both individually and collectively, but they have been rewarded richly for it.  It is a sad state of affairs, but they are wealthy men for being laughably bad at their jobs.

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As I have written before, the one thing that keeps me warm at night is that they will forever be recalled individually as jokes within the game.  Their peers at other clubs will smile and laugh with them, but undoubtedly take the piss behind their backs.  It’s amusing to think that some of them will believe that money will insulate them from the reality of just how history will remember them.

It is on this basis that I have partly come around to the idea of Nigel Pearson.  Nothing would give me greater joy than knowing he was waiting on the training field as our faux gangsters arrived.  

Nothing would warm me more than knowing he was waiting in the dressing room at half time.  I would walk away from Villa Park after another defeat knowing that their lives would be utterly miserable just for his mere presence.

Then, come close season, they could be cleared them out, unceremoniously.  I noted that some have queried to me on Twitter; “Who would be sell them to?”  Many wouldn’t command a transfer fee, so why not release them?  

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Why persevere or retain players who have never looked interested or remotely talented enough to get in a schools XI?  There isn’t a hope in hell one of them will amount to anything.

What I and many others can’t take it the rest of the season panning out as it is.  I don’t want to see the same old pathetic faces.  I certainly don’t want to see them “managed” without risk of anything by a caretaker manager.  Let’s get someone in, be is Moyes or Pearson and start the preparations for next season.

It will be a defining period in our clubs future.

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