Aston Villa (0) v (4) Chelsea – The worst Premier League team ever. > Goals & Reaction:

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The lucky amongst the Villa faithful either had more important things to do or forgot it was a 12:45pm kick off.  

This was another shambolic display from a group of players now firmly writing their place in the history books amongst the worst in Premier League history.  We talk about it being arguably the worst Villa side, but this bunch are defining something far more turgid.

We should certainly be disgusted at the standard of performance for the thousands of pounds they earn without good reason each week.

We should be angry at the lack of effort shown by individuals who earn more than doctors, nurses, police…you get the point.

If there is one thing that makes me feel better, is that for all of the money they earn, they will never recover either their careers or reputations.  They are toxic, ridiculed figures in the game.  Their names will forever be the butt of jokes the world over, for the Premier League is beamed to all corners of the world.

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The players can act hard done to, swan about the middle east pissing their ill earned gains up walls, but to me they are poor.  They are ill-educated, badly advised, immature & absolutely deluded of their own importance.  Delusions of grandeur doesn’t even cut it.

Aston Villa, that’s actually us fans, have to suffer for their mere presence, but we will recover.  This sorry group of spoiled faux celebrities, ill-disciplined fools and wannabe gangsters will be tarnished forever.  And rightly so, they are exactly what we think and say about them.

The game was as predictable as many others this season.  A stroll in the park for the opposition, a striker in the wilderness will certainly score and we will collapse like a bad souffle.

It’s a painful viewing experience that the blocks of gaping empty seats at Villa Park are simple evidence of.

This season cannot end soon enough, but we must be ruthless in the clearout.  The board must be absolutely single minded in it’s search and appointment of a top manager.  This is not the time to put faith in the players that have failed us or take chances on managers.  We need to remember that we are Aston Villa, we do not conduct our business on or off the pitch so amateurishly.

And so to next week, a visit from already safe Bournemouth.  It seems an awfully long time since our open day win on the South Coast in the sunshine.

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