Report: Luton Town defeat the unacceptable face of Aston Villa.

Sometimes following Villa, as we do, feels as much habit as it does de ja vu.

We are the Guantanamo inmates of football fans, subjected to repeated torturous episodes of merciless, inescapably bad football.

Indeed, so rare is a Villa win these days that you are also as likely to find Dodo on your local Wetherspoons menu.

We now comfortably transcend farce, defy fresh ridicule & baffle everyone at our repeated ineptitude.

We are a great, proud and decorated club. However, we are akso held to ransom by a circus of charlaten footballers choosing to treat the shirt with absolute disdain.

And now a defeat to fourth tier Luton? Please…the humiliation is offset only by a lack of surprise.

We have professionals trading off nothing more than their own hype, greed and their agents’ abilities to concoct another move.

The result for Aston Villa is a comical, inept and hopeless group of footballers whom Roberto Di Matteo must look at with disbelief.

The hopelessness of the collective extends beyond just Luton, deserved winners, who took their chances as Villa scratched empty brainless skulls.

We were a stagnant, sloth-like outfit, with about as much craft & guile as a trough of slurry.

Micah Richards, still trading off a good season when he was a child at Man City. An embarrassment.

Gary Gardner, heralded as the future after countless loans & long layoffs: shockingly poor. A genuine question mark here & arguably warrants immediate removal from the XI.

Jores Okore; professionally incompetent. Laughably believes himself to be capable of international & Champions League calibre. No punchline required.

Rudy Gestede; might as well have moved the bench onto the pitch and remained a spectator. Abysmal.

Alan Hutton : deserves yet another Audi delivered to Bodymoor Heath for his efforts. Consistently poor and a firm reminder as to why Scottish football is virtually third world.

The list goes on…

It is another humiliation in a long line, however, it also comes at a dreadful time. Where is our momentum? Where is our resurgence coming from?

It also evaporates the less than subtle attempts to save money by rehabilitating our torrid squad and underlines the need to invest immediately.

We are going nowhere positive with this group. What further evidence could one fathomably require being presented with?

The only other stupidity was why anyone actually thought that familiar failures would suddenly improve?

These are faces who have offered little or nothing other than acute failure to Aston Villa. When will we learn?

The Villa Underground is tired & fatigued by the clubs ongoing plight. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, but construction started it on a path of improvement.

The problems are glaring, obvious and staring us in the face.

Failure to act properly now can only have severe and lasting repercussions on our once great club. Act now.

Roll on Saturday against Rotherham…*gulp*